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Take care of your code.

You never know who will be looking at it.

The Code Phial

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Volunteer & Events

President of the Computing Students' Hub at York University

2015 to 2016

Organizing, running and planning various coding workshops at the Lassonde School of Engineering

2014 to 2016


A little bit about my technical skills and what I take pride in.

Continuously learning

I am always sharpening my skills and cracking open the books in my spare time. I love knowledge and am permanently motivated to pick up more.

Quality work

I love to see smiles on peoples' faces.
So why would I ever want to create something that I am not proud of?

Love for the game

Do you want someone that is uninspired working for you?
I didn't think so.
I love what I do, and am always striving to improve.


Some of my past work.

Being built with Ruby on Rails + MaterializeCSS
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Coding Tutorial Website (in progress)
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Built with Meteor.js + D3.js
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A motivational tool for tracking tasks

Built with Ruby on Rails + MaterializeCSS
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CS Hub

Club Website for CS students
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Built with Ruby on Rails + Bootstrap
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Scavenger Hunt

Web Application for Frosh week
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Where I have worked and what I have done

Mosaic Sales Solutions

Mississauga, ON

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  • Prototyping User Interface
  • Enhancing Work Flow
  • Scrum Agile Processes
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Bringing Value to Business
  • Reduce Regression Defects


Toronto, On

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  • Close-knit start-up team
  • Created Client-side Plug-ins
  • Visualizing Data Sets
  • Transparent Communication
  • Detailed Documenting